When Faith Meets Pedagogy 2011

Please read the story about the When Faith Meets Pedagogy conference for 2011.  Address letters to the Director of Education, Mr. Bruce Rodrigues, and the Chair, Ann Andrachuk, asking why  Kevin Welbes Godin (CARFLEO) and Dave Szollosy (OECTA) spoke in support of GSAs in Catholic schools.  The comments undermine an advisement made in a letter from Most Rev. Paul-André Durocher, ACBO to Kevin Kobus, OCSTA, January 20, 2011, stating that GSAs are not the anti-bullying strategy they think best for Catholic schools.  The conference was described in an article in the Catholic Register

Email Trustee Ann Andrachuk at ann.andrachuk@tcdsb.org
Email Director of Education Bruce Rodrigues at bruce.rodrigues@tcdsb.org