Take back the classroom

Parent Engagement:  It's Not Optional!
         Parents As First Educators:  we're about schools that reflect the same values you teach your kids.  We ask the boards to make information available to us about how schools should be running, to produce the effects they say they are going to produce and to maintain their Catholic character.  Unfortunately common sense doesn't always prevail in educational circles -- or anywhere, for that matter.  But when you hear about the social experimentation being performed on your children as frequently as we do these days, do you also stop and ask yourself what you can do about it?  

         Brian Lilley asked himself that question recently on his program, Byline, and decided to get some insights from broadcaster John Gormley.  They hit it out of the park!  Here are their great suggestions on how to TAKE BACK OUR CLASSROOMS!

        Every parent or concerned taxpayer should ask themselves:

What can I do?

1) Do I talk to my children's teacher regularly about what and how they are teaching?  
2) Do I know the principal? 
3) Do I attend at least some of my school council meetings?
4) Can I attend at least one meeting a year at the school board so I am aware of the big issues facing my board and how (or whether) they are being addressed?   
5)  Am I in touch with a parent group such as P.A.F.E. that offers a constructive way of giving feedback at board meetings, lets you know about upcoming board elections, and offers a thousand ways to be more involved? 
  If not, get started today by emailing us at pafe4you@gmail.com!