A Proactive Parent Plan

1) Get informed
2) Speak out!
3) Be the change in your board!

1) Get informed!

ABOUT YOUR SCHOOL                                                                                                          ABOUT YOUR BOARD

Talk to your children about what they are learning at school and           Read our newsletters to find out what issues are making 
get to know their teachers.                                                                      educational news. 
Read your school newsletters.                                                               Realize that school problems often result from school board 
                                                                                                               policies.  Find out about new board policies as they happen.  
Attend your parent council meetings to find out about what groups       P.A.FE. is always seeking representatives to monitor board the
the school is bringing in and the special events they are holding.          meetings to keep parents informed.  Contact us to find out more.

2) Speak out!

If something happens at your school that upsets you as a parent,you need to be prepared to speak out for your children.

Talk to the teacher and the principal at your school.  If you find your complaints aren't being heard, then you need to go higher, to a board superintendant, the director of education or your school Trustee. 

In Ontario parents have the opportunity to bring change to board policies by speaking out collectively to the Trustees at their local board.  P.A.F.E. can help you offer your voice to your Board of Trustees if you want to challenge board-sponsored materials and promotions you disagree with.  Contact us to find out how.

3) Be the change in your board!

Our mandate is to hold boards accountable for their actions.   We ask the boards to be transparent about what they do, to produce the effects they say they are going to produce and to maintain their Catholic character.  If you think the board can do better, tell the Trustees what you think.  Lots of letter and phone calls can make a difference!  It's up to all of us to make sure our Trustees hear and understand our concerns.