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SUN News Network is applying for a mandatory carriage license. If obtained, this license would allow all Canadians to have access to SUN news in their basic cable packages.  Currently you must pay to add the channel to your cable service.   

CTV and CBC were given this kind of license when they first began broadcasting, so all SUN is asking is the chance to have a level playing field.  


Read more information about why this license is crucial for SUN in this article by Quebecor CEO, Karl Peladeu

PAFE supports SUN's application because this network covers more educational stories of interest to our supporters than any other newscaster.   
We are asking you to take a few minutes to write a letter  to the CRTC asking them to grant SUN's application for a mandatory carriage license.   

SUN has a deep field of informed education reporters.  PAFE relies especially on Brian Lilley and Michael Coren  to cover issues related to Ontario's Catholic schools.  For a refresher on some of the issues SUN has reported on this year, see the PAFE sample letter reproduced here in part:


Ontario’s Separate School issues


As parents of school-aged children, Brian Lilley and Michael Coren understand the issues facing Catholic schools.  The thirty percent of the population who send their children to Catholic schools can rely on them to respectfully cover issues specific to the Catholic boards. PAFE appreciates Lilley's work this September, for example, on an Ottawa public school Trustee's call to merge the public and Catholic boards.

We don't want to lose these experienced voices in educational news! Tell this to the CRTC:  

Please allow SUN the opportunity to reach parents who can’t afford the privilege of paying extra for SUN but who rely on educational coverage only SUN carries.  All parents contribute to the tax burden that supports our schools and all parents deserve to be informed about how the schools are supporting their children!

Instructions on writing your letter: 
1 Begin your letter stating either: i) 'I do not request to appear at the public hearing'.
ii) 'I request to appear at the public hearing'. 
2 Write your letter and include reference #2012-0687-1
3 Mail your letter before Feb 20, 2013 to:  'CRTC - Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2'

Check our the sample letters below by clicking the blue down arrows.

For more information on writing a letter visit the CanadianTVFirst website at .  

Tanya Granic Allen,
Feb 10, 2013, 2:02 PM
Tanya Granic Allen,
Feb 10, 2013, 2:02 PM