Repecting Difference Campaign

Toronto, Sept. 1, 2012  

            Parents as First Educators (P.A.F.E.) calls upon Ontario Catholic Trustees to pass a motion calling Catholic school anti-bullying clubs “Respecting Difference” clubs.   These clubs are the responsible and constitutional solution to anti-bullying in Catholic schools.

            It is constitutional because it respects the constitution’s guarantee that Catholic schools can govern themselves according to the Catholic faith.  It is responsible because the document was prepared with the support of our Church leaders and reflects church teachings on sexuality. 

           In January, 2012, the Ontario Catholic School Trustee Association published "Respecting Difference," in consultation with Ontario Catholic Bishops.  It offered a model for an anti-bullying club suited to Catholic schools.  P.A.F.E. is asking Trustees to continue to implement Respecting Difference clubs as the responsible and constitutional anti-bullying solution for Catholic schools.  

            GSAs undermine the Church`s teachings on the purpose of sex and family. Forcing Catholic schools to have Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) 
violates the constitutional guarantees provided to Catholic taxpayers. 

            A brief from Ontario lawyer Geoff Cauchi states Trustees have the legal right to  refuse to cooperate with anything that would undermine the
schools’ religious character, due to the guarantee of Section 93 of the Constitution.  

             P.A.F.E. President Teresa Pierre says "The highest law of the land says Catholic schools have the right to guide their clubs according to
their principles.  Respecting Difference clubs would protect children and promote respectful discussion of bullying issues in the schools."

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