Protest PC endorsement of sex-ed

Education critic breaks silence on Wynne's sex-ed plans

December 16, 2014

The silence from the majority of Tory MPPs on Wynne's sex-education plans was broken on Friday by education critic, MPP Garfield Dunlop.  The critic issued a statement giving his opinion that it was better to appease the Liberals on the sex-ed issue, even though he has never read it!

According to
Lifesite, Dunlop's statement says:  "We have heard from the education industry that this change has been waited upon for almost four years and that teachers are ready to teach the program to children. A school classroom is a great place to provide a safe environment to learn about relationships and sexual education."  

Dunlop appears to have forgotten that it is the job of the opposition to oppose the government. What kind of options are the conservatives providing to voters if they fall passively into line behind the other two parties?  None!

Well, it's our job to remind him the opposition party has no business standing off on the sidelines when parents need them to be standing up for them.  There is nothing safe about teaching age-inappropriate material to children not yet ready to manage it in a mature way.

In comments to LifeSite PAFE President, Teresa Pierre said:  "This official notice by the education critic shows that the PC Party at this time is neither attending to their first responsibility of opposing the government nor to their duty to ensure that parents remain the first educators of their children against Kathleen Wynne's agenda to encroach on the innocence of our children."

Please contact PC education critic, Garfield Dunlop's office this week.  Ask him when the PC party is going to be the party of opposition on changes to the sex-ed curriculum.

  • Tell him how alarmed you are that the Liberals are trying to push information on children at ages when they are not mature enough to handle it.   
  • Say  you expect the PC party to stop a social experiment that has been shown to have precisely the opposite effect its supporters claim:  leading to rising --not decreasing-- levels of pregnancy and STIs.
  • Tell him why you oppose this curriculum.  The PCs need to appreciate the wide variety of viewpoints held by opponents of the curriculum.
  • Say you are looking for a party that stands out by supporting parental rights.


Garfield Dunlop, MPP Simcoe North
Ph: (416) 325-3855