Pastor Terry Burns, Pembroke Daily Observer, opinion November 26, 2014

By Terry Burns, Daily Observer

Friday, November 28, 2014

Hold on a minute Lizzie!

On October 30th, the Ontario Liberals announced that the 2010 edition of their proposed sex-ed curriculum would be reintroduced to the school system for the 2015 school year.

Surprise, surprise!

After an election campaign with no mentioning of any sexual orientation issues, here they go again! During the election campaign, I thought the lack of dialogue on sexual orientation and LGBTQ issues was out of respect for Kathleen Wynn’s personal situation. I too thought she deserved a chance to have a say with us focused on her abilities as a Public Administrator alone. And she got that, and even from us conservative leaning folks!

Did we on the right ever get duped again for playing nice!

Liz Sandals, the Minister for Education, is of the opinion that the Ontario Liberals have all things right when it comes to raising our kids. They clearly see themselves as the moral, reliable and accurate source for all things relating to the sexual education and development of Ontario’s children.

The Liberals are suggesting that your kids would benefit from discussing same sex marriages in grade 3, the pleasures of masturbation in grade 6 and the wisdom of delaying decisions to have intercourse and “anal sex” in grade 7. What a great relief this will be for our grade sevens that they can consider putting off these major life decisions! It breaks my heart to even have to write these words, but we all need to come face to face with the reality of what the Liberals are up to.

Sandals also cited that it was pressure from “Religious Leaders” that caused the 2010 cohort of the Liberal government to wince on their sex ed agenda, as if religious leaders have a lot of influence over Queens Park decisions.

The Liberals were obviously getting polling information that their proposals would not fly with the Ontario “Parent community” who are the only people that really matter in this discussion of what’s best for the kids and it was perhaps a bit of second guessing or even remorse that caused Dalton McGuinty himself to step in and nix the first attempt.

Sandals has also announced that the “parents won’t be left out” and that consultations will take place between one parent from each school and the Government in order to legitimize the 2015 curriculum changes. What will happen is that each school Principal will choose a parent from the respective Parent Council to represent a particular school and that will be the extent of the research and consultation. This method obviously cannot constitute any legitimate research that could result in policy or curriculum change.

As the consultation process was described to me in a discussion with an Ontario School Administrator, I thought to myself, “That is not research!” Principals do not necessarily reflect politically or ideologically the majority of the people from their communities and choosing parents that would reflect the right view (in their estimation) isn’t going to help us much either.

None of this Liberal initiative has any real academic research behind it. We do not yet understand LGBTQ issues from any scientific basis and we certainly have not taken time as a society and educational system to understand the effects that exposing children to discussions like “Putting off decisions to have anal sex” in grade 7 is going to have upon their minds, and their psychological and spiritual development.

I have tried to get my hands on the Liberal sex-ed curriculum 2.0 version for the 2015 implementation and although I have been advised by School Board officials that, “It exists,” I can’t find anyone who has seen it and read it! Can you believe it, the Educators have not had any say, nor have the parents thus far.

I have had opportunity to dialogue with the press secretary from Liz Sandals office, and our Public School Board, and I look forward to a future dialogue with the local Board of Trustees in order to find out how our elected officials will be posturing on this. I would trust the Catholic Board will be especially militant in rejecting these Liberal notions. As the announcement by the Liberals to implement this curriculum was a recent one, I do not expect our local Boards will have yet received the information that they need in order to respond appropriately.

Here is what I suggest we all do!

Firstly, let’s start to get very noisy here in the County and insist that the government not implement anything until proper research is completed and vetted by the appropriate academic and scientific communities and that anything implemented reflects what is truly best for developing learners!

Secondly, Mom’s and Dad’s, you need to insist that proper parent consultations be completed and after the 2.0 version of the sex ed curriculum is released publicly and there has been time to really ponder the language and scrutinize what is contained in it.

Thirdly, we all need to dialogue with the Trustees, the Teachers and the School Boards who will be affected and get them tuned in to what people in this County are actually thinking. I am on the record as being a big supporter of our Local Educators and our Administration and it is time to appeal to them for some push back support on this issue. I am a subscriber to the Teacher’s Union newsletter and make no mistake about it; the Union leadership is in league with Kathleen and Liz about all things in this sex ed realm. I pray that our Teacher’s Union members with strong convictions on this issue will speak out and against their Unions if necessary.

Fourthly, and to the Boards of Trustees, please be reminded that you will be representing the constituents here in the County and not the Liberals in this discussion. I am not sure if you are all aware, but currently, and in the case of the Public Board, policy dictates that only the Chair speak publicly on education matters and in this instance, communication protocol must be cast aside. In order that Trustees be allowed to speak their consciences on this issue!

The Province is banking on the fact that we are asleep at the switch, that we care more about Minor Hockey and Deer Hunting than we do about our kids minds and hearts and spiritual formation and we need to correct this misconception about us!

As a “Religious leader,” I can only say that the stakes are very high. The Wynn-Sandals sexual doctrine is in absolute opposition to the teachings of Jesus, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Paul!

Folks, this in not education, it is purely indoctrination!

Terry Burns is the pastor of Pembroke Pentecostal Tabernacle and his opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the church and Board.