PAFE: Do You Want State Coparenting

Do You Want the State Co-Parenting your Children?

       (Toronto, March 13, 2012) A parent in the Kitchener Waterloo public board, Jessie Sansone, was taken into police custody and strip searched in late February because his daughter drew a gun at school, apparently on an eraseable white board.  Subsequent interviews of the parents by Sun Media reporter Kris Sims have portrayed the family as normal, law-abiding citizens with no criminal records.  This represents a grave violation of these parents privacy rights and was undoubtedly a traumatic incident for everyone concerned.  
        Two worrisome trends appear to be at work here.  First is the response from the school board whose spokesman justified the board's behavior on the grounds that they "co-parent" the province's children.  This brazen justification of busy-bodying by the state is now basing itself on a premise that would be laughable if it were not so frightening.  I had not realized that polygamy was legal in Canada, but apparently all of us are now dwelling in multiple marriages.  Hence my comment at the time, "The only Co-parent is the OTHER parent!"  The second issue is the apparent lack of due diligence on the part of the school principal.  But it is not really surprising that when government officials are bold enough to ride roughshod over the rights of individuals that a lack of personal knowledge between administrators and families might also be present.  The whole situation shows what happens when the nanny-state mentality takes hold.  
      When the Ontario Premier was questioned about whether the school board and police followed proper procedure  he outrageously failed to criticize them.  If you think the premier owes this family an apology, write to him at  For the backstory see this clip from Brian Lilley's program,Byline and his blog at Lilley's Pad.