P.A.F.E. Says No Way to London Muslim Prayer Room

press release:  P.A.F.E. Says No Way to London Board Muslim Prayer Room

(Toronto, Sept. 18)   P.A.F.E. president, Teresa Pierre said, "Why is the London Catholic Board doing this at a time when people are questioning the expense of a Catholic school system?  We share a great deal with Muslims and are happy to have them in our schools.  But this is too much. Catholic taxpayers expect their tax money to be used by staff to promote the Catholic faith at all times."

The decision to support formal Muslim prayers in Catholic schools provides a confusing message about the purpose of the Catholic school system.  Catholic taxpayers are wondering why their taxes are being used to support prayers for another religion. Formal Muslim prayer services during the school day and hosted in a Catholic school confuses students and detracts from the mission of the system to preach and teach the Catholic faith. 

Sun News Network Covered the Story

                 Rebecca Thompson reported on Sun News Network's evening news that P.A.F.E. had responded on behalf of parents to a decision by the London Catholic Board to allow a Muslim prayer room in a Catholic high school.

                 In comments on the same story Christina Blizzard noted the double standard the government applies to Catholic and Muslim ratepayers.  While Muslims receive support for their prayer times on public school grounds, official Church requests to respect a Catholic format for school equity clubs are ignored.  An article and video from Michael Coren's show are posted at the Sun News Network site.