Ottawa School Cancels Trip

Ottawa Catholic School Plans, Cancels Trip to Assist Obama

Toronto, November 2, 2012  

Ottawa parents were distressed to hear this week that students from two Ottawa-area separate high schools, St. Matthew’s and St. Peter’s, were sending students on a trip involving active participation in the Obama campaign in Ohio.  And so they complained to the Ottawa Catholic School Board that it was unsuitable for a Catholic school to be sponsoring the trip.  The board cancelled the trip, according to Vice Chair Ted Hurley on Nov. 1.

Parents said that their children told them that the teacher was clear that the trip was intended to help the Obama campaign and that the students would be participating in events such as door knocking and get out the vote. 

PAFE does appreciate the lengths that the teacher was willing to go to give students a really memorable and “interactive” civics lesson. But his good intentions in that regard don’t outweigh in our opinion the harm that could come to the students by making them complicit in support of, as a parent put it, “the most pro-abortion president” the country has ever seen.  PAFE says “good for the parents for speaking out!” 

US Catholics have been reminded by their bishops in preparation for the upcoming election that believe that some actions, like abortion, are intrinsically wrong in every circumstance and may never be supported by faithful Catholics.  The U.S. bishops' election document focuses on four policy areas the bishops say Catholics should pay particular attention to when voting: issues of war and pro-life concerns, family matters, social justice, and international aid and development.    

But these issues can’t be weighed in identical ways.  In addition to abortion the bishops have targeted the Obama administration’s promotion of the forced provision of contraception in the Health and Human Services mandate. Bishop Sample for example, said that "Any threats to human life or any efforts to force the Church, her institutions or individuals to violate the sacredness of human life and the dignity of the sexual intimacy in marriage must be opposed," Sample wrote.  "This is absolutely 'non-negotiable' when it comes to weighing the issues before us in any election cycle.”  A similar “life and family issue” is same-sex marriage.     

While American bishops have stopped short of telling Catholics who to vote for, they have been instructing people from the pulpit that voting for a pro-choice politician makes the voter complicit in that evil.  They have advised Catholics not to vote for those who support the Democratic platform that abortion should be “safe and rare.” 

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