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      Bill 13 Implementation

      Bill 13 Fallout

      Education News

  • Lou Iacobelli interviews P.A.F.E. President  on the P.A.F.E.Respecting Differences campaign, Radio Teopoli
  • Lorna Dueck, Bullying, Bill 13, and Protecting Diversity in Ontario Schools
  • Michael Coren, The Arena,  The Bullying of Canadian Catholic Schools has Just Begun  
  • Catholic parents' group wants to defy 
    Ontario's Gay-
    Alliances law:   
    Ottawa Sun
  • Parent Group 
    wants Trustees 
    to fight Bill 13: 
  • Parent Group 
    urges Catholic 
    school trustees 
    to defy law 
    supporting Gay 
  • National Post, Ontario Catholics should not be intimidated by education minister’s warnings
  • Globe and Mail, NDP pushes national anti-bullying strategy
  • Ontario Catholic Groups Slam Education Minister for Calling Abortion Misogynistic, National Post
  • Ontario Tories Say They Won't Reopen Debate Despite Sponsoring News Conference, National Post
  • Ont. anti-bullying bill at odds with Catholic teachings: Broten, CTV
  • Broten Sparks Outrage with Misogyny Comments, The Catholic Register
  • Ontario Pressures Catholic Schools Over AbortionNational Catholic Register
  • Andrachuk rebukes Broten in open letter, Catholic Register
  • P.A.F.E. says no way to London Board Muslim prayer room, press release, SUN News Network coverage
  • No need to dilute what little is left of our 'separate' school system, Catholic Register
  • Toronto school board accused of endangering morals of students over website link, poster campaign, 
  • Toronto School board opens all kids' washroom doorsSun News Network
  • Study finds Catholic grads are like public counter-parts, Catholic Register
  • P.A.F.E. President, Teresa Pierre interviewed on Talk Radio, CRFA, Ottawa
  • Pro-Obama class trip scrapped for Ottawa high schoolersOttawa Sun
  • School trip cancelled amid pro-choice controversy, Ottawa Citizen
  • Canadian Catholic school cancels trip to support Obama re-election efforts in Ohio, LifeSiteNews
  •  M.D. Aeschliman, Parents vs. the State, in Crisis
  • Chris Selley, National Post, Why There Will Never be Such Thing as a Good Anti-Bullying Law 
  • VIDEO: Brian Lilley and John Robson, Sun News Network, discuss recent decision on appeal of Loyola High School case http://
  • Barbara Kay, National PostQuebec’s ‘totalitarian’ take on religious education in high school
  • Louise Brown, Toronto Star, Ontario to Let Special Needs Students Take More than Four Years to Finish High School [backs off plan to amalgamate school boards]
  • Brian Lilley, Lilley's Pad, Get Engaged, Fight Back
  • The, Even Atheists Should Thank God for Catholic Schools
  • Ottawa Sun, PCs Aim to Tackle Bullying in Schools
  • Teresa Pierre on CFRA News Talk Radio, The Lowell Green Show.  Note that the comments take place at the 27 min. mark.
  • Deborah Gyapong BC CatholicExplicit policy needed to uphold goals of education
  • Jonathan Kay, National Post, On Canadian Campuses, It's Open Season on Christian social onservativism
  • Teresa Pierre on Michael Coren, The Arena, discussing Kathleen Wynne's extreme GSA agenda
  • Brian Lilley, Lilley's Pad, Kathleen Wynne's special mission.
  • Graeme Paton, The Telegraph, Parents 'have a bigger impact on exams than schools'
  • Matthew Pearson, Ottawa Citizen, Update health, sex-ed curriculum, groups urge Kathleen Wynne
  • Archbishop Timothy Dolan on the value of Catholic education, Wall Street Journal
  • Steve Lambert, National PostReligious leaders protest Manitoba bill that would force faith-based schools to allow gay-straight alliances
  • Hilary White,, Vatican official: Gay marriage a “revolutionary project” for “complete destruction of the family”