• Ontario Catholic Elementary Curriculum Policy Document for Religious Education, 
    Grades 1-8.  A publication of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario.  
  •  "Common Sense Education" series produced by the Frontier Centre for Public Policy and the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies on "What's Wrong with Canadian schools"
    1. Part I:  What's wrong with Canadian schools?
    2. Part II:  No zero policies
    3. Part III:  Flaws in the New Math
  • On school board amalgamation:
    1. "The Fewer School Boards Act and the Toronto District School Board:  Educational Restructuring 1997-2003," working paper by Duncan MacLellan, Ph.D. submitted to the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Political Science Association, University of Saskatchewan, June 01, 2007. (
    2. Education and culture -School Boards - Accountability and Amalgamation ( on school board amalgamation in Nova Scotia 1995-1997.
  • Open access legislation, Bill 30
            1. Robert Dixon, "Catholic Schools Caught in a Bind," Catholic Register, November 9, 2003, reprinted at                                                      (

Fidelity to the Catholic faith in school boards

  • Alliance for Life, The HPV Vaccine, Is it Safe for My Daughter?
Parental Rights
Sex Education
Recommended reads:
  • Charles L. Glenn, Contrasting Models of State and School: A Comparative Historical Study of Parental Choice and State Control.     Glenn examines the tradition of democratic localism in the management of schooling, and the powerful and anti-democratic effect of the emerging education ‘profession.