Lenten Fundraising Campaign

Introducing: Our Lenten Fundraising Campaign

 We all rely one way or another on the publicly funded schools in Ontario.  Most of us have someone in the family with kids or grand-kids in the schools. Whether you have kids in the system or not, your tax money is being spent on Catholic education by the school boards.  Did you know the Toronto Catholic board has a budget of 1.05 billion dollars?!  And then there are another 28 Catholic boards. 

Each board presents opportunities to spend their money wisely promoting Catholic goals or not.  

An acquaintance from outside the province who is at the top of the finance industry observed about Toronto Catholic's budget, "So that's 1.05 billion dollars being spent on pro-life education?" 

By pro-life he was referring to work on the whole gamut of charitable efforts on behalf of the unborn, the poor, the aged and the dying. 

Don't you want to make sure we don’t miss all the opportunities the boards offer?

We can only do that by electing Trustees who will be good stewards and faithful to the teachings of the Church.

As the legal stewards of the boards Trustees play a vital role managing the boards:


"The well-being of Catholic Education depends to a great degree on the trustees whom we elect."

                                                                            Archbishop Thomas Collins, September, 2010 


PAFE is helping every day to keep our Trustees accountable to you, the Catholic voters. 

We have an opportunity to make a huge difference on election day: October 27, 2014.  On that day 234 Trustee positions will be up for grabs in the 29 English Catholic boards in Ontario.  

Lenten Appeal

As a parent, I know you are stretched for your time and money.  As a parent of four children in the boards, I’m in the same boat as you.  I have never run a political campaign of this size before but I’m willing to invest the time to try to make things better in the boards.  But I can’t do it alone.  We have raised $17,500 in the past two months alone, but we need more.  We need $80,000 to cover all our costs for 2014 and $60,000 of that just for election expenses.  Will you make a donation today so that we can do this work on your behalf in 2014?

Will you help us underwrite one of these major expenses?

·   an average mailing                               $2500

·   one month's rent                                    $1000

·   one month’s phone charges                   $250

This Lent, can you make a sacrifice that will benefit the community of Catholic believers in Ontario? 

Your donation today might mean the election of a good Trustee in your board.  

CLICK HERE to donate by Paypal:       www.p-first.com/donate


 You can set up a monthly withdrawal quickly and easily at our website using PayPal.


Or send a cheque to:         Parents As First Educators Inc.

                         2336 Bloor St. West

                        PO Box 84556 

                        Toronto, ON M6S 4Z7

Wishing you a fruitful Lent!


Teresa Pierre, PhD, President 
Parents As First Educators