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FAQ on Bill 13

Q. What is bill 13’s definition of  gender? 

A. Bill 13 defines gender to include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirited, intersexed and queer. 


Q. Where is it found?

A. This definition is in the preamble of the bill and in the guiding documents of the Equity & Inclusive Education Strategy.

Q.  Have Catholic Trustees said whether clubs should be student-led?

A.  The Catholic Trustees document, Respecting Difference, says that anti-bullying clubs are not intended to offer psychological peer-counselling, and that they must have adult mentors leading them.

Q.  Where can we find the equity curriculum?

A.  You can consult the Toronto District School Board's teacher's online resource manual on equity, Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexuality:  A K-12 Curriculum Resource Guide.

Q. Where can we find out about the 2010 sexual education curriculum?

A. We link to an article from the Toronto Sun from 2010.

Q. When did former Director of Education Kathleen Wynne say that the sexual education curriculum could return?

A. She said so in an interview with X-tra magazine in September, 2011.

Q.  What kind of activism do GSAs push?

A.  The mygsa.ca website FAQ says that the GSA challenges heterosexism, or the belief that heterosexuality has a privileged moral status. Traditional religious moral teaching on sexuality qualifies by these standards as "heterosexism."   A GSA-style club could offer substantial resistance to traditional religious teaching on homosexual sex.