Early Self-Identification As Gay Increases Self Harm

  •  "...for each year's delay in bisexual or homosexual labeling, the odds of suicide attempts are diminished by 20%." 
  • "...suicide attempts were not explained by experiences with discrimination, violence, loss of friendship, or current personal attitudes towards homosexuality."
  •  "...gender nonconformity and precocious psychosocial development were predictive of self-harm. 
         Because GSA clubs promote the early self-labelling of gay teens, they may actually be doing more harm than good.  Neuropsychiatrist George Rekers of the University of South Carolina has stated his reservations about promoting early labelling by adolescents:

        "No service is done to our children by offering them lifestyle options before they are properly able         to make informed choices about them."   

                      "Homosexual Advocacy Groups & Your School," Encino, California:  NARTH (2005): 3.