Canadian charities faithful to the teachings of the Church:

Aid to Women:  counsels women about unplanned pregnancies
Birthright International:  supporting women and their unborn children
Canadian Food for Children:  feeds the poor in developing countries
Chalice:  child sponsorship organization
Holy Childhood Association or Pontifical Mission Society:  enourages children to be aware of the needs of children in mission societies
Matercare International:  promotes maternal health care and reduced deaths of preborn and born children and mothers
Right to Life Associations - multiple
Pregnancy Care Associations - multiple, see list at Campaign Life Coalition site
Priests for Life:  supports, informs and empowers Catholic clergy to support a culture of life
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition:  preserves and enforces laws against "mercy killing" and increases public awareness of palliative care
Margaret Bourgeois Centre, Toronto:  teaches Creighton Method of regulating fertility and NaPro Techonology for monitoring female reproductive health
Natural Family Planning Association:  teaches Billings Ovulation method of regulating fertility