Candian Parents Think Parents Should Be

Canadian Parents Think Parents Should be In Charge of Sex Education

(TORONTO, June 3, 2013)

The Ontario Physical Health Education Association (OPHEA) called on the province June 3 to resurrect the dormant sexual education curriculum that was shelved in 2010 after outcry from parents.  President of Ontario Catholic parent group, Parents As First Educators, Teresa Pierre, said, "This call appeared to be coming from a group of activists who don't reflect the attitudes of Canadians as a whole.  Poll after poll shows that parents want to transmit their personal beliefs about sex to their children.  An Angus Reid poll from 2011 showed that only 24% of Canadians thought that sex-education should begin at young ages under nine--less than a quarter--which means that 76% of parents oppose instruction in these subjects in the early primary years.  Sex education should be limited to nuts and bolts discussions just as in the current curriculum."

The OPHEA press conference at Queen's Park announced the results of a new poll from Environics stating that "the vast majority" of parents think that subjects from the scientific names for body parts, to contraception, healthy relationships, and abstinence should be addressed in schools. The poll also showed that ninety-six percent of those surveyed listed parents as the preferred source of information on sex education.  As much as the sponsors of the conference said that the revived curriculum would be about facts and not morals, a large number of topics ascribed to the curriculum have a moral component.   Recalling that parents rejected this same curriculum in 2010, Pierre said she expects that “the large majority (76%) of parents who opposed radicalizing the primary school curriculum in 2011 will again oppose further sexualization of children in the years traditionally described as ‘sexually latent.’”  

OPHEA formed a coalition with numerous other groups such as parent group People for Education to make the announcement.  Noting the coalition’s desire to address problems raised by student access to the internet and social media, Pierre said "Simply adding a component on internet awareness for use by schools that are not already teaching about this could be done and would not require overhauling the whole curriculum.”  

Parents are not likely to appreciate having their parental influence over-ridden by the promotion of sexual attitudes at odds with family beliefs at school.  Notable by their absence was any Catholic group in support of the OPHEA coalition.  Toronto Catholic School Board Trustees reflected their community's discomfort with the promotion of homosexuality within the curriculum by the Accepting Schools Act last month when they proposed banning Gay-Straight Alliances.   Members of the Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Hindu and Jewish faiths who opposed the 2010 sex education proposal and the passage of Bill 13 will be unlikely to support it now.  

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