Boards Rebuke Education Minister

Boards Speak Out on Catholic Right to Teach Doctrine

Toronto, October 30, 2012

The York and Toronto Catholic boards sent letters to the Ministry of Education this week affirming that they will stand by the schools' constitutional rights to teach Catholic doctrines on the life issues and homosexuality.   Their letters were sent in response to remarks made by the Minister on October 10 stating that the passage of Bill 13 was intended to convey that the Ministry would not tolerate any teachings in schools which threaten "human rights".   P.A.F.E. spokesman, Teresa Pierre, congratulations York Trustees for speaking up on behalf of their constituents and hopes that they will continue to promote an equally clear policy banning GSAs in their schools. 

        The letter from the York Catholic board, signed by Chair Elizabeth Crowe, states

We are deeply disappointed by your comments.  Catholic schools exist primarily to meet the needs of Catholic students and their families.  It is a constitutional mandate.  Catholic parents who send their children to our schools expect that their children will be educated according to the tenets of the Catholic faith.

As Catholic educators, we are called to provide our students with a vision of human life, marriage, family and sexuality grounded in Catholic values.  The Board of Trustees feel your comments from October 10, 2012 to be offensive and insulting.  We trust that, upon further reflection, you will be retracting your statement and apologizing to the Catholic community.

Pierre said that parents in both boards have been outspoken this fall about their beliefs that the boards need stronger
policies on GSAs and believes that these letters indicate that parents' wishes are being heard.  

York Board letter