What is the Premier doing with our children?   Politicians and the media need to hear from us now before we lose some basic human and parental rights.


Right now the Equity & Inclusive Curriculum says that children from JK - Grade 12 must participate in activities that promote and embrace homosexual lifestyles.   Some parents in Toronto’s English public board were shocked to find that they will not get notes sent home in advance each time these activities are to occur so they can remove their children from these classes - even if this teaching conflicts with their cultural or religious beliefs!   Now Premier McGuinty has introduced a new Bill 13.  If Bill 13 becomes law it would change the Education Act and add the force of law to this policy.   Already students and parents from religious backgrounds are being intimidated by this policy.    One new NDP MPP in Brampton, Jagmeet Singh, said that he was sure that  “No one can take away parental rights!”    But this is happening in Ontario - and most parents don’t realize it! 


To see what the Equity curriculum contains, see the Toronto District School Board equity manual:  Challenging Homophobia and Heterosexism: A K-12 Resource guide at the TDSB website.  There has not been enough research to see the social consequences of this policy!   There has not been enough community consultation!  We all pay taxes for schools and we have a right and to get involved when it comes to our children.   The Conservative Party has introduced a bill, Bill 14, which is a better Bill because it focuses on protecting ALL students and not just some groups as Bill 13 does.


Dial 1-800-267-8097 to contact your MPP and Minister of Education. Tell them to stop Bill 13 because it focuses on protecting just some groups instead of all students.  Tell them not to let the legal system be used to destroy parental rights and obligations.  Bullying parents, teachers & children is not a way to stop bullying in schools!